Here is a interview that I filmed for Transilient. (March 2019) Transilient uses these videos as a preview before launching their full text interviews on the site. These snippet videos capture the stories being told in the interview.

A short clipped together video I did for Transilient. The video showcases the three tours Transilient has done cross-country, some stuff explaining the project, some interviews from the tours, some behind the scenes footage, and also a little bit about the impact that Transilient has had so far. Iā€™m the Digital Media Producer on the project currently and tagged along with them on their 2018 cross-country tour.

Directed and Edited by: James Heatherly

Model: Taylor Shockey (Insta: @Vixen_Transfixion)

Music by: "The Mood" 

A short clip of model Taylor Shockey taking a plunge and having a blast. Find her on Instagram @vixen_transfixion