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Film Gallery

I traveled to Chicago with my production assistant, Jay, to film this short promotional video for Transilient. The clothing featured in the video can be bought at Transfigure. This video is being used as a promotional tool to sell shirts and other items to raise money to fund a Kickstarter for a short documentary series.

Here is a interview that I filmed for Transilient. (March 2019) Transilient uses these videos as a preview before launching their full text interviews on the site. These snippet videos capture the stories being told in the interview.

A short clipped together video I did for Transilient. The video showcases the three tours Transilient has done cross-country, some stuff explaining the project, some interviews from the tours, some behind the scenes footage, and also a little bit about the impact that Transilient has had so far. Iā€™m the Digital Media Producer on the project currently and tagged along with them on their 2018 cross-country tour.

Directed and Edited by: James Heatherly

Model: Taylor Shockey (Insta: @Vixen_Transfixion)

Music by: https://soundcloud.com/kaelynfour "The Mood" 

A short clip of model Taylor Shockey taking a plunge and having a blast. Find her on Instagram @vixen_transfixion